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About Chapter 4

Chapter 4 PR Agency is a part of Chapter 4 Group that is present across Central and Southeast Europe as the exclusive affiliate of the leading global PR and communication network Burson-Marsteller. Our strategic apparoach to communications and innovative projects we create for the clients, strengthen their corporate and brand reputations. We provide the clients with counsel, development and implementation of communication plans that include a specter of services focused on their stakeholders.
By providing professional support to our clients, we build their business relations and help them to be heard and seen in the right manner by the desired audience in the country and the whole region. And through strategic counsel in communication planning, practical and creative implementation, analysis and evaluation, event management, communication trainings and digital commas… we cooperate with international and local companies - production and services oriented business associations and NGOs.

Our mission is to bring inspiration to the industry and to our clients, through balanced and respectful relations with stakeholders and quality state-of-the-art communication solutions.
Chapter 4 PR team distinguishes with its rich experience in corporate communication and financial PR, in FMCG, IT and pharmaceutical industry, in crisis situations and change management, communication trainings and digital projects. The clients especially appreciate our business knowledge and market insight, analytical approach, proactivity and focus on measurable results.
Clients often engage Chapter 4 PR team when the stakes are high: during a crisis, a brand launch or any period of fundamental change or transition. They come to us needing sophisticated communications campaigns built on the market insights, uniting the content, trends, innovations, quality projects and messages.

Most of all, clients come to us for our proven reliability, efficiency and dedication.
In the world that changes this quickly, we are constantly developing – so should you and your way of communication. Contact us to learn about the opportunities that you might seize…

Team Chapter 4 agency in Serbia

Agency team inludes experts with rich communication and business experience. With our professional communication advisory, in a flexible and creative manner, we ensure top quality support in internal and external communication of our clients.

The synergy between team members results in a comprehensive knowledge of the market, economy, communication flow, as well as the needs of managers and their organisations present in the Serbian market. Chapter 4 team in Serbia has extraordinary contacts with representatives of media, as well as institutions that have significant role in forming public opinion in Serbia.

  • Tamara Bekcic

    Tamara Bekčić

    Managing Director, Serbien

    Fields of expertise: Corporate Communications, Financial PR, Brand PR and Positioning.

    Key qualifications: Excellent language skills across English, intercultural project management; presentation and public speaking skills; reliability and adaptability.

    Relevant experiences: Tamara has a decade of dynamic management consultancy and communication experience primarily in the Serbian PR industry, but also in the region. She holds management and senior positions for years with a proven track record of establishing and positioning strong PR teams in the market and winning a number of prestigious awards.

    Tamara has a strong background in financial PR projects such as acquisitions (e.g. take-overs, privatizations, capital increase), crisis management and IT industry over the years, with clients like Citigroup, Danone, Dr.Oetker, HP, Lufthansa, Ministry of Finance, Raiffeisen Investment, SAP, Telekom Serbia, Telenor, Vip mobile, Wiener Städtische, etc. In addition, her work experience includes NGOs and teaching and communication trainings.

    Background: Tamara graduated at the Belgrade University (Faculty of Philology, Anglistics) , possesses Cambridge Proficiency in English, as well as a number of communication and management certificates and diplomas from Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. She is a member of the Serbian PR Association and the Lobbyists’ Society.

  • Milena Avramović-Bjelica

    Milena Avramović-Bjelica

    Executive Director and co-founder

    Milena has held several management and senior consultancy positions and she is focused on the development and management of the successful Chapter 4 PR agency team in Serbia. She has over a decade of agency consultancy experience and expert knowledge in cooperation and advisory to the leading companies in the Serbian market operating in information technologies and telecommunications Sectors.
    In addition to corporate and integrated communication, development and implementation of innovative communication campaigns for the client companies and project management, Milena actively participates in regional Chapter 4 initiatives.
    Her work engagements also include graphic design, pre-press and engineering positions as a tools constructor and product technologist.Milena graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade.
    She has participated in numerous local, regional and European communication conferences and holds the certificate from the London School of PR. She is an active member of the Serbian Managers` Association, Association of Business Women of Serbia, and the PR Society of Serbia.

  • Olivera Petrović

    Olivera Petrović

    Account Manager

    Olivera has years of experience in the field of corporate and brand communications, acquired through the work in agency and corporate environment. Over the years, she has managed communication processes of the largest companies in FMCG and retail sector, distribution and energy sector, as well as with NGOs. In addition to strategic consulting of clients in the field of public relations, Olivera's business practice is based on the integrated communication approach. She actively participates in the implementation of Chapter 4 educational programs, created especially to answer the clients` needs.
    Olivera graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences - Journalism and Communication Department and is a member of the national PR association. She has attended a number of communication and business conferences, and led projects awarded with the highest professional awards. Olivera attended the American Chamber of Commerce program, AmCham Academy, specially designed to support and develop abilities of young future leaders.

  • Gordana Purić

    Gordana Purić

    Senior PR Consultant

    Gordana has long-term experience in corporate communications and public relations which she has acquired in agency-work leading the clients from the financial, IT industry and NGO sector.

    She focuses on the client reputation strengthening through strategic communication planning, original projects based on the company business needs, and innovative approach to communication tools. Additionally, Gordana participates in educational communication programmes for the clients. She has significant media experience in event management, B2B and brand and corporate communication.

    She holds a Bachelor degree in English and a Master’s degree in English literature from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, and Marketing in a Digital World specialization of the University of Illinois. She gained a part of her experience in education and translation. Gordana is an ardent fan of social media, digital communication and IT technologies.

  • Nevena Spasic

    Nevena Spasić

    PR Consultant

    Nevena has been a part of Chapter 4 PR team since the agency foundation. She is engaged in communication consulting and advisory to domestic and international clients. This includes planning of dynamic internal and external communications, building and maintenance of quality relationships with different target groups. She herself has led client accounts from various fields, from energy, FMCG, banking, to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

    She has graduated economy major, with a master diploma from the European University, Faculty of European Business and Marketing in Belgrade. She is a regular participant in national and regional PR conferences and holds numerous certificates from the relevant conferences. Nevena has also won the prestigious award „PRiZNANJE“ for the project "Earth Hour 2014" organized by the World Wildlife Fund in Serbia. Nevena is an active member of the Serbian PR Society and the Blue Circle Association.

  • Silvana Božović

    Silvana Božović

    PR Consultant

    Silvana has many years of experience acquired in large marketing and PR agencies in the Serbian market, primarily in the fields of internal and HR sector assistance, as well as external communication and consultancy. She is a member of Chapter 4 PR team since the agency was founded. Silvana`s work experience includes client advisory, preparation and implementation of versatile events, creating proposals and analysis, implementation of tactical plans within PR campaigns and their evaluation, including digital communication.

    She has cooperated with a number of international and Serbian companies especially in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, hotelier and tourism, and banking and insurance. Silvana holds a diploma from the Pragma School of Public Relations and a certificate for Design and Multimedia department of the Belgrade IT Academy. She studied at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Transport, and speaks fluent English, Russian and Macedonian.

  • Vanja Petrović

    Vanja Petrović

    Account Assistant

    Vanja built her experience in organization of events through working in the most prominent congress centre in Belgrade, whereas years of working with marketing agency shaped her experience in market research and advertising. Vanja is involved in preparation and delivery of different proposals and reports for clients, as well as in realization of various types of events we organize for the companies we represent. She is an active participant in communications conferences.

    Vanja holds MBA degree from London School of Commerce (LSC), University of Cardiff, as well as a Bachelor degree in Scandinavian languages and literature from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She is fluent in English and Norwegian.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Company’s competitiveness in the 21st century is supported by the implementation of sustainable and socially responsible business. Some studies show that companies with developed social responsibility programs achieve better business results. In Chapter 4, we firmly believe that a good company needs a good team, good results and good deeds. That’s why we provide support to the community in which we operate through sustainable projects and help for the vulnerable groups and individuals.

Each year we expand the network of projects and organizations that we cooperate with on a pro bono basis – we help them and support them the way we know best – through quality services and communication support.

Dedication to the green concept is reflected in our daily work – from recycling efforts, to our, years long, participation in the Čepzahendikepdisabilities` campaign. We were long-term partner of the annual Earth Hour project that raises awareness of the electric energy consumption, personal contribution and the effect on climate change. From 2012 until 2015 we were official PR support to the AUREA award, for investment of the year in organization of e kapija portal.

October is traditionally reserved for the 1Week4Kids – a global project of our network that we participate in with local adaptation. Within this campaign we support institutions that take care of children from socially vulnerable categories.

As a female team, we support campaigns focused on health, economic and social empowerment of women. We are supporting AFA Female network of successful and influential women, who are starting constructive dialogue on challenges that women are facing in their professional development.

For all young colleagues we organize professional internships and mentoring programs for further professional development in field of public relations. We share our expertise with all interested faculties for communications, through visits to agency and lectures for students.

We are subscribed to magazine „Lice ulice“, which helps a network of sellers from socially marginalized groups in better economic, cultural and social inclusion.



Chapter 4 tim poseduje bogato iskustvo u planiranju i organizaciji komunikacijskih treninga za klijente. Iskusni konsultanti za odnose s javnošću razvijaju specijalne module po meri i potrebama klijenata, odnosno njihovih timova. Neke od tema treninga obuhvataju: trening medijskog i / ili javnog nastupa, kriznu komunikaciju, prezentacijske veštine, korporativnu komunikaciju, timske vrednosti, pregovaranje, upravljanje promenama, odnose s medijima, upotrebu društvenih mreža, itd.

Pored senior tima iz agencije posedujemo i široku mrežu partnera – stručnih saradnika s kojima sarađujemo u zavisnosti od oblasti obuke koju razvijamo.

Treninzi se razlikuju po temi, konceptu i strukturi, sadržaju, trajanju, broju polaznika kojima su namenjeni, jeziku na kome ih održavamo... Svima je zajedničko što poseudju i teorijski i praktični deo. Prosečna ocena treninga koje smo realizovali do sada je preko 4,87 (1-5), a među referencama imamo i privatna i javna preduzeća, NVO, MSP i velike multinacionalne kompanije i najrazličitije industrije: farmacija, prehrambena industrija, bankarstvo i finansijske usluge, IT, energetika i rudarstvo, maloprodaja, transport, turizam, trgovina, itd. Pored treninga u Srbiji, uspešno organizujemo i obuke širom Evrope, za predstavnike rukovodećih timova internacionalnih kompanija.

Chapter 4 events

Chapter 4 events

Organizacija događaja predstavlja izuzetno važan segment komunikacije s ciljnim grupama svake organizacije. Kao iskusan partner, pomoći ćemo vam, i svojom podrškom ćemo vam olakšati proces upravljanja svim segmentima uspešnog događaja ka ispunjenju poslovnog cilja.Posvećujemo veliku pažnju i organizacionoj i komunikacijskoj komponenti događaja čime podižemo njegovu vrednost i efikasnost. Posetite naš specijalizovan sajt www.chapter4events.rs i u tri jednostavna koraka stupite u kontakt sa iskusnim menadžerom za organizaciju događaja.



Chapter 4 CEE/SEE is a PR and Communications agency network, focused on Public Relations, Business and Marketing Communications Consulting in Serbia and Central and South Eastern Europe. The Group`s HQ is based in Vienna, in Austria.

Thinking and acting as a network is the key to success. Through a comprehensive network of subsidiaries and local partners, Chapter 4 offers its clients an easy access to the needed expertise, to better understand and efficiently serve the Communications markets in CEE/SEE. Our strategic insights in this region are highly appreciated by the clients providing them  with a correspondingly wide range of know-how and contacts.