I will be taking a day off tomorrow. Have quite a lot to do for work, but I have it under control. I can finish the priorities from home and have the day for housework piled up. We moved three months ago and I still haven’t unpacked some of the boxes in the study. Weekend just isn’t enough.

Since I’m taking the day off, there’s no need for Vukasin to go to his daycare tomorrow (his mommy loves him so). OK, so then I can get those boxes sorted while he’s asleep.

I can finish the proposal for the regional meeting then, too. In the afternoon we can play and if or when he asks to watch a cartoon, I will be able to finish the presentation for the students. Oh, when is that exactly… Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday (in fact, I’m not sure, will need to check). Anyway, it is Friday tomorrow, so I have plenty of time. For each new lecture for the students’ organization preparing a brand new presentation (that is rather obsessive, I know).

And when can I finalize the tender offer? Do not know, but will figure it out. Maybe in the evening when the baby boy Vule falls asleep (well, yes, that’s it!).
OK, but Vlada and I were planning to go out for a dinner, coulc not possibly miss that. I can finish the tender on Saturday. I wasn’t going to bring work into my weekend (again), but I may have to. Well, if I organize properly, I could work it all out and do everything in time… won’t even feel it, neither will my guys.

So, the plan for my day off is as follows:
-      Get up at 6.45, better yet 6.15
-      If Vule sleeps in, I am going to work on the regional meeting proposal
-      If he doesn’t, we shall have breakfast, play and go for a walk – maybe to TAsmajdan park, we haven’t been there for  a while now.
-      Then a fruit snack, later some painting together
-      He will have his noon nap
-      I will order some take out  I will prepare lunch, that new recipe for Chicken Parmigiana, to try it out. And some soup, the boy should have some home made, cooked meal. I could surprise Vlada with the raspberry cream cake. Its fat low and refreshing, plus easy to make.
That’s a great plan, just… I m not sure if I will have time to work.


Friday, 18 May

It all went as planned. Well, nearly everything. The dinner was great. And Vule enjoyed the whole day. If … didn’t call, I could have finished the presentation, had it not been for the lengthy phone consulting (meanwhile I did finish the lunch :).

I have 4-5 hours of effective work left… for either tomorrow or Sunday. Vlada will Vlada will unpack the boxes in the study. I am tired, but neither the home, nor work, my family or clients and colleagues are …just me… beat.
One thing is quite certain: I am not going to have a day off any time soon, at least until I rest from this one.

There, between the family, work, desires, obligations, ambitions and constant gulit.
The bottom line is that in the life of a mom and PR consultant, there is no day off.