The growing challenges of our customers inspire us to search for new solutions in all communication areas. We rely on the experience of our employees, the know-how of our partners and the curiosity that drives us forward to constantly increase our excellence and expand our horizons.


Through communicating corporate values, vision and goals of the company, an organization strengthens its corporate image and reputation, enhances corporate culture and the degree of employees' identification with the company. By developing two-way communication with its environment, the company builds and also manages its reputation and creates conditions for achieving business interests.

External communication

  • Strategic planning of external communication
  • Develop a tactical plan and implement communication tools
  • Building the image
  • Reputation management
  • Mapping and relationships with target groups - stakeholders and interested publics
  • Financial PR and Change Management
  • B2B communication
  • Creation and implementation of socially - responsible initiatives
  • Media Relations
  • Reporting and evaluation of results
  • Communication trainings

Internal communications

  • Strategic counseling
  • Planning and organization of individual and team communication training
  • Communication with the internal public
  • Internal publications - designing the structure and content creation
  • Soft skills trainings
  • Team building organization


Events represent a very efficient PR tool, which enables direct communication with target audience. This way, the messages sent by a company, organisation or an individual are directly conveyed, and thus feedback can be received from the target audience. Therefore, organisation of special events is particularly important in public relations field, and depending on occasion can be an irreplaceable communication channel.

Special events

  • Comprehensive planning, organization and communication of corporate events
  • Corporate events for internal and external target public
  • Professional meetings (round tables, conferences, panel discussions, seminars, study tours...)
  • Business meetings
  • Training and educational meetings


Communicating products and brand PR, through online or offline media, represents an especially important part of a cycle of positioning any product offered to public – both in the case of products already existing in a market, or in the case of completely new products.
A carefully planned and implemented communication of product values and the application of various PR tools and creating brand stories (storytelling) greatly contribute to building awareness and recognition among consumers, as well as brand positioning and creation.

Brands and products

  • Improving the position of brands and products
  • Creating a communication strategy and product positioning in the market
  • Develop tactical plans, creative concepts and implementation of communication tools
  • Communication with the media and all other relevant target groups
  • B2C communication and relationship with customers management
  • Reporting and evaluation of results


Integrated communication represents grouping of communication channels, combining tools of marketing, PR and other communication areas. Integrated communication, as such, represents the strength and communication of the future.


  • Developing concepts of efficient integrated communication campaigns using various communication disciplines, tools and channels.


Digital communication allows excellent precision in the placement of messages to target audiences, precise targeting and measurable results and ROI, and because of that represents an unavoidable choice communicator in planning and implementing communication processes. Digital communications are the result of the changed trends and tendencies, as well as changes in people's habits.

Online communications

  • Comprehensive planning, implementation and measurement of the effects of online communication includes
  • Creating a strategy of digital communication and online presence
  • Customization of existing clients communication campaigns on digital channels
  • Creating a mix of digital communication tools in order to get the best results
  • Implementation, monitoring and reporting on the results of the campaign
  • Creating relevant digital content and creative solutions
  • Manage clients online presence (social networks, blogs, websites, forums)
  • Maintaining relationships with online communities on behalf of clients' needs


Communication represents the basis for crisis management. Communication plan is stated as one of the necessary strategic documents, without which company risk is increased uncontrollably. An open proactive communication can prevent crisis or reduce the negative effects. Crisis communication is based on an assessment of potential risks and the creation of an action plan or crisis manuals, managing crisis situations, relations with media, communication with stakeholders - action plans, managing expectations within the business system, as well as expectations of the community and the client.


  • Crisis management
  • Crisis prevention – organising trainings and crisis situations simulation, production of crisis guidelines, following potential crisis situations and proactive advising
  • Counselling and managing crisis situation
  • Reporting and evaluation

Relations with specific target groups

Public jobs are the specialized part of public relations designed to develop and maintain relationships with the state administration and the local community, in order to influence a positive impact on public policy. The purpose of lobbying is to represent the company's interests in politics, in the executive authority and the legislature, as well as support the creation of public opinion through the media and other communication channels. Lobbying is a way of influencing on the decision-making processes, as well as on decision makers, with a certain strategy.

Affiliation with Burson-Marsteller - one of the world's leading PR network ensures our providing top quality services in the field of modern communication and continuous exchange of information and research on trends and best practices around the world. At the same time, close cooperation with Chapter 4 agencies in the region enables us to provide a very  efficient way to plan and successfully implement regional campaigns for clients.

Construction and lobbying

  • Qualitative market analyses
  • Mapping of relevant institutions and individuals
  • Establishing and maintaining relations with relevant institutions and community members
  • International and European affairs