Chapter 4 team possesses vast experience in planning and organization of versatile communication trainings for our clients. Our experienced PR consultants can develop special modules that reflect clients` wishes and needs, that is those of their teams. Some of the topics of our trainings include the following: public speaking, media relations training, crisis communication, presentation skills, corporate communication, team values workshops, negotiation skills, change management, social media usage, etc.

In addition to our senior ream, we also have a network of partners – professionals from different areas of expertise that take part in specific projects - modules or training development and their implementation.
The trainings may differ based on their topic, concept and structure, content, duration, number of attendees, language... but they all include both components - theory and practice.

The average evaluation score for our trainings so far is 4,87 (from 1 to 5), and our references include privately owned and public companies, NGO, SME, big multinational companies and various industries such as phrama, FMCG, banking and finance, IT, energy, mining, retail, transport and tourism, etc.In addition to trainings in Serbia, we have also successfully executed a number of trainings for managements teams in international companies across Europe.